What is simplifies your practice life! It is a practice management system designed to simplify routine office tasks for mental health professionals.

As an online system, it is accessible to both patients and professionals from any computer at any time--PC or Mac. As an enterprise system, information from all parts of your practice are integrated, eliminating redundant computer work.

There is no need to use several different computer programs: does it all!

--It's an automated billing service:

It files paper and electronic claims automatically Generates paper (CMS-1500) and electronic insurance claims. You chart progress notes; the billing occurs automatically!

Generates patient statements with summaries of "real world" insurance status

Tracks managed care authorizations and helps with recertification

Automatically flags problem claims for resubmission to insurance

Simplifies fee collections by calculating copayments and charging them to a credit card

Maintains records in a patient accounting system

Calculates useful statistics and graphs, including account aging and demographics

--It's a sophisticated online appointment book:

Helps therapists and patients set appointments online Allows patients to set or change appointments online, while maintaining privacy

Automatically sends appointment reminders via a phone call, email, or text message

Calculates the best days/times available for repeating appointments

Notices when regular patients stop scheduling appointments, and prompts you to contact them

Permits you to access your schedule anytime, anywhere--even from your cell phone!

--It's an intelligent filing cabinet:

Maintains thousands of records online Maintains patient information and progress notes in a secure, encrypted database (paperless office)

Structures patient charting to ensure HIPAA compliance, with your choice of note formats

Maintains the HIPAA-mandated log of all releases of PHI, automatically

Charts on and bills all members of a therapy group with a single entry

Allows administrative personnel access to insurance information, while preventing access to clinical records

--It's an automated office helper who "pulls charts" for you:

Via the "autopilot," keeps up with patient flow in real time

Provides just-in-time information about the session, e.g. notes, reminders, copays

Provides optional visual and audible alerts at start and end of session time

Prompts for charting at the end of the hour, then displays next patient's notes

Hides all PHI about other patients while current patient is in the room

--It's an automated HIPAA compliance officer:

Provides a HIPAA compliant email alternative for messages from patients or coworkers

Encourages HIPAA compliant record keeping in charting, privacy, and records release

Encrypts patient information to ensure record safety unmatched by paper records

--And more!

Helps you spend time doing therapy, not paperwork Prints excuses for work or school, and receipts for cash payments

Provides an Internet presence for you through the web page

Gives you the marketing advantage of instant appointment scheduling for new patients, 24/7

It even sends emails to patients on their birthdays automatically!

How do patients set appointments online?

Lets your patients schedule at any time!New patients can set their first appointment at any hour of the day. After completing contact and insurance information, they may complete an online biographical information form. Intake forms are emailed automatically to bring to the first session. Therapists have time to evaluate this information before accepting the self-referral.

Established patients log in using an account name and a password. They can view a list of their existing appointments or schedule new appointments from a calendar of open times. Patients appreciate making appointments at any hour; therapists appreciate the elimination of "telephone tag" scheduling calls.

Therapists maintain full control over the schedule. Each of the features noted above may be turned on or off at the therapist's discretion. They can block out hours or full days for any purpose, and schedule patients from an office, home, or other authorized computer.

What accounting information is maintained?

Patient accounting systems are includedThe system includes a bookkeeping system to track patient accounts. Patient statements, receipts, or medical spending account statements can be printed on demand, individually or in batches. Insurance billing (electronic or paper) is initiated automatically. Charge card billing is also included; by the simple act of charting, you can create an insurance claim and a charge card transaction! Extensive practice statistics are available, including account aging, problem claims, patient demographics, trend reports, and more. Interactive graphs can be generated for many of these statistics. No additional software is needed for patient billing or accounting.

What clinical records are maintained?

Helps you spend time doing therapy, not paperwork Progress notes can be entered in several formats, including an extensive "point-and-click" SOAP notes format. A treatment plan and a report of a biographical information form are also maintained online. Notes can be viewed online, creating a "paperless office," or can be printed on demand. Since the charts are online, therapists have secure access to records from any authorized computer. This means they can finish charting from home, and have essential records available for after-hour emergencies.

Do HIPAA rules permit online storage of patient data?

Security is our top priorityIn fact, HIPAA encourages electronic record-keeping. Electronic records can be kept more secure than can paper records. A frightening reality: anyone who owns a sledgehammer and a crowbar can gain late night access to most office filing cabinets in less than ten minutes. In contrast, information stored online can be held behind multiple layers of electronic protection.

The security of confidential patient information is our top priority. Multiple layers of data security have been built into this system. Critical information in the database is encrypted, information flow to and from the database is encrypted, and passwords are encrypted. Even if a criminal were to look over your shoulder and discover your password, he would still be unable to access the records from his own computer.

Is the software easy to learn? simplifies your practice life! If you are reading this, you already are using the most complicated part of the software! operates completely within an internet "browser" such as the one you are using right now. Throughout the design process, we have taken steps to ensure that the software is intuitive. Almost every feature operates by clicking on buttons. If you are not sure what a button does, placing the cursor over the button will cause a "tool tip" to appear explaining the button's function. Video tutorials are included within the system. Telephone and email technical support is available at no additional cost. Weekly training classes are held online: you attend from the comfort of your own office.

What is the cost of the service?

Affordable!The complete service is available for $57.50 per month. A $39.00 signup fee covers online training classes (you may attend as many of these as you like). If you decide to discontinue the service in the first 30 days, all fees will be refunded, provided that you have attended at least one training class. After that, there is no long-term service commitment; you may terminate the service at any time. You can receive a copy of your database, allow us to store it for you, or print your records for transfer to another system.

A discount is available for multiple therapists in a single location. Administrative personnel are given free accounts that permits access to information from all therapists in a practice, but prevents viewing of clinical information. Therapy supervisors may also set up special accounts.

Can I see a demonstration?

Video demonstration

Click HERE to view video that demonstrates the system. If you would like to have a more personalized demonstration of the system on your own computer, please call us at (800) 242-2127.

I want to use this service. How do I sign up?

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