Reset Passwords - Step 1 of 5

If you have forgotten your user name, primary password, or secondary password, you may reset them.

Only Therapist accounts may have passwords reset; if you have forgotten the password for an Admin or Supervisor account, a completely new account must be created for you.

If you SHARE your secondary password with others, e.g. with an admin account or with other therapists in a group practice, you may not reset your secondary password through this system. Instead, contact them to find out what it is.

Resetting a secondary password through this system is only possible if you are a solo practitioner with no Admin accounts associated with your practice.

If you remain convinced that resetting your passwords is approriate, please fill in ONE of the blanks below:

Enter your user (login) name if known:
Enter your email address* (if user name is not known):

* When you answered the "challenge questions" you selected an email address to use for password reset requests. This may or may not be your regular email address.